Friday, August 12, 2016

Working my way into “it.”
I get lost every time I walk on campus for they have knee walls everywhere dividing this area from that area & there is no real defined path to anything. It realized it feels kinda like you are walking through the central market in the Old City. It is a beautiful campus:

Been mostly doing settling, meeting people, getting a feel for campus, ordering phones (ok just one) and paperwork. I feel bad because it seems no matter how hard I try, I cannot remember peoples names & with my head full of humidity & them have names unfamiliar to me, it really is tough. I will get it, I hope.
Right now the heat really isn’t the problem, it’s the humidity. OMG! I really need to grow gills in order to breath here. This morning I calmly walked onto campus, about 200 meters to buy a bottle of water & the back of my shirt was soaked by the time I got there.
I promise I'll get better with the organizing my posts (A little hodgepodge)